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If you are an incoming student and have not been issued an MCPHS ID number you may write "none"

Please use your university issued email address. If you are an incoming student and have not yet been issues an MCPHS email, you may use a personal email. Please refrain from using school emails from other schools unless you have indefinite access. For example, some high schools remove email access after graduation.

Specific Accommodation Information

This could include the classroom, lab, or other university settings.

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SPS students are students enrolled in a self-paced course with the School of Professional Studies and are not matriculated into a program at MCPHS.

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Documentation should:

  • include a formal diagnosis
  • outline functional limitations (how the diagnosis impacts you)
  • provide recommendations from your provider regarding accommodations
  • be specific to the types of accommodations being requested

Examples may include IEP, 504, psychological testing, doctor's letter etc.

Please note: screenshots of a student's health portal or a medication prescription rarely provide adequate information for OSAA to determine eligibility.

If you have questions about supporting documentation please email or call 617-879-5995.